HuffPo Not Returning to 1993 Anytime Soon

1993inaug.pngEarlier today Portfolio picked up on an interview Huffington Post CEO Betsy Morgan recently gave to her alumni magazine in which she addresses HuffPo’s no-pay policy (and yes, we are one of the many who have written for them) and seems to suggest that this is something that may change in the near future.

Not all of the plays have been written yet for this company. That said, we have a very good relationship with our bloggers; we’re unbelievably respectful of them. By blogging, they get terrific exposure and our brand gives them a unique platform. We’ve had a positive two-way relationship with them. Could that include money at some point? Sure. But it feels very 1993 to say, ‘Hey, it’s all about the check that I get at the end of the month.’
Isn’t time travel grand! However, before you get too, too excited, when we contacted HuffPo to get some clarification on this they told us: “There are no plans to pay our bloggers, but those who want to join our (growing) full-time staff of paid writers and editors are more than welcome to apply for positions as they become open.” Meaning, we presume, that for the time being exposure will have to suffice, though, as we are all discovering, attention can be its own sort of payment. Use with care!