HuffPo Buys Comment-Policing Firm

The Huffington Post has acquired Adaptive Semantics, a company that provides software designed to automatically moderate online commentary.

Adaptive Semantics claims its software can monitor millions of online comments each month, using sophisticated linguistics algorithms. Publishers can use the company’s tools to identify the most prolific commenters and the most abusive — including visitors who actively look to evade moderation.

HuffPo has previously licensed Adaptive Semantics’ technology to assist its collection of human moderators and had held a minority stake in the firm. The fast-growing site clearly has a need to moderate its comments more efficiently, having tallied a record 2.8 million in May.

“Acquiring Adaptive Semantics helps us in what’s become an ‘arms race’ between algorithms and commenters looking to circumvent the more common tech-based comment solutions,” said HuffPost CEO Eric Hippeau.

As part of the acquisition, Adaptive co-founders Elena Haliczer and Jeff Revesz will join HuffPo as project lead, social news technology; and director, social news technology respectively.