The Huffington Post Launches HuffPost New York

The Huffington Post has rolled out HuffPost New York, the latest localized version of its popular blogging/news aggregation Web recipe.

The new channel debuted on June 23 with original blog entries from humorist Nora Ephron, famed ex-New York cop Frank Serpico and Sen. Chuck Schumer. Beside original content, HuffPost New York showcases content from over a dozen partner publications, including the local New York City newspapers New York Press, The New York Observer and Gay City.

Plus, according to CEO and co-founder Arianna Huffington, HuffPost New York will work in conjunction with the local newspapers Gotham Gazette and the Brooklyn Rail to produce local news stories which incorporate citizen journalism.

New York is the second local market to receive the HuffPost treatment, following Chicago. Huffington said that the city’s national profile and ongoing array of compelling storylines made it an ideal market for the site to tackle. “Whether you live in New York or not, New York is part of our national collective consciousness,” she wrote in a blog posting. “This promises to be a very eventful year in The Big Apple, with the city gearing up for a mayoral race, Wall Street scrambling to figure out what’s next, new stadiums for the Yankees and the Mets.. and the state government in the midst of a major meltdown.”

Of course, Huffington Post has just undertaken several major changes of its own even as the site continues it strong upward growth trajectory. Just a week ago Huffington installed a new CEO