Huffington Post, Facebook Team Up on HuffPost Social News

HuffPostSocialNews.jpgThe Huffington Post teamed up with social-networking giant Facebook to launch HuffPost Social News, which allows HuffPost readers to connect with their Facebook friends regarding news and comments.

HuffPost Social News allows users to: automatically create personalized profile pages; keep track of their HuffPost Social News friends; retain control over stories and comments shared with their Social News friends and on their Facebook Walls and Facebook streams; learn how their friends are voting on HuffPost polls; and see contributions to Eyes & Ears, HuffPost’s citizen-journalism platform.

The Huffington Post co-founder and editor in chief Arianna Huffington said:

I’m excited to announce the launch of HuffPost Social News. This new platform lets our community of engaged users easily share stories and post comments for friends to see—it’s HuffPost’s version of a digital water cooler, enriching and deepening conversations around the day’s news. Social media has fundamentally changed our relationship to news. It’s no longer something we passively take in. We now engage with news, share news, react to news—news has become something around which we gather, connect and converse. HuffPost Social News makes this more dynamic than ever.

HuffPost CEO Eric Hippeau added:

Our goal is to make HuffPost Social News the go-to place for Facebook users to share news—both the stories they love and the stories they hate—with friends. It should also appeal to marketers interested in reaching passionate, savvy readers who care about the news and who want to share their interests with friends.

HuffPost chief technology officer Paul Berry added:

From the first brainstorming session in Facebook’s office to the integration of Facebook Connect, it has been truly exciting to collaborate in building this product. The future of news is social, and I’m tremendously proud that HuffPost has been so early in reaching this important milestone in how news is shared online.

And Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg concluded:

The Huffington Post has led a revolution in how people discover and consume news. With the integration of Facebook Connect, HuffPost Social News is now leading the way to make news even more of a social experience, giving people new ways to share and filter news and current events through their networks of friends on Facebook.