Huckabee’s Not-So-Divine Intervention?

huck.jpgWhile we’re on the subject of religious conversion to cash, there comes news via The Corsair that that the floating cross behind Mike Huckabee in one of his campaign ads may have actually…gasp…been a ploy for attention.

Campaign adivisor Ed Rollins recently spoke about his role in the Huckabee campaign on City Talk and while he didn’t go so far as to admit that the “perceived” floating cross was pre-planned he did crow somewhat about how the Huckabee campaign (forever short on cash) was “masterful” at free media: “everything we did was to try and create free media, whether it was his Christmas ad or his Christian leader ad.” Or say, a press conference held to show a commercial they weren’t going to air.

Perhaps Hillary should draw a lesson from all this and “discover” Jesus’s face in her next bowling ball.