HST publishing confusion solved (whew!)

Vultures already circling HST's unfinished works? Hmm. What do you think?

mallet and ball_150x178.gifOur friends over at Gawker wondered earlier today if the doc’s long-awaited Polo Is My Life ever saw the light of day. We know his output was dyzzying and sorta hard to follow. So in the spirit of collegial aid we tried amazon.com and learned that, yes, the book was published six years ago and is out of print. Selah.

An update, including a clarification proving that even amazon is misleading. As suggested here, HST’s much-vaunted “sex book” was reviewed only in excerpts and deemed “out-of-print” while the full tome itself – even as late as 2003 – was still not forthcoming from the Sports Desk. Sum total: Fishbowl gets to eat a slice of its own schadenfreude pie. With a cherry on top.

In better news, HST’s The Curse of Lono will be re-published by Taschen soon, signed by himself and Ralph Steadman. One easy prediction: Watch for any editor with a partial MS by HST to rush it out there as a “tribute.” Polo has never had better chances for publication, even as a partial. Come to think of it, it’ll sell even better if it is. Get ready. Mahalo.