HP TouchPad Brings WebOS to the Big Screen

Given that this tablet was leaked over an hour before the event, one might think this post is redundant. Nah. Have you seen this thing?

BTW, Engadget posted the promo video online, and it’s at the end of the post.

The TouchPad is based on – well, it’s based on the iPad.  Except that HP fixed a couple of the iPad’s shortcomings. It has the same  9.7″ screen size (and resolution),the same capacitive touchscreen and it even has a button in about the same location as on the iPad, but the TouchPad also got a 1.3M camera. (There’s just the one, and I’ll explain in another post.)

It has 2 options for internal storage, 32GB and 16 GB. Strange, but I can’t see that it has a card slot.

It has the usual speakers, accelerometer, Gyro, Wifi, Bluetooth, and 3G. Software features include wireless printing, “true multitasking,” Touch-to-share, instant-on productivity, and plenty of call / email integration courtesy of HP Synergy, a slick virtual keyboard, VPN support.

Weight is 1.6 lbs, and it’s shipping this summer. The price wasn’t mentioned, though, and with these specs I seriously doubt this will beat the iPad’s price.