Howard Stern’s FCC: The Federal Chutzpah Commission?

Our jaw swung open in total dubiety at his temerity, but because we are underwater, no one noticed our icicle of fish-drool.

Yes, after their $500 million star called them every name in the book, the Federal Communications Commission actually got a call from Sirius Satellite Radio seeking anti-piracy assistance.

(To us, this would be equivalent to Flavor Flav dialing 911 and asking them to ‘Hurry it up, G.’) 250px-FlavaFlav.jpg

The satellite company has complained to the FCC that Stern’s much-hyped FCC-free raunchcast is being illegally retransmitted on two stations in New York and New Jersey, a Sirius spokesman told Reuters on Thursday.

Shockingly enough, the wire service noted that the FCC had “no immediate comment.”

Yeah, I wouldn’t wait by the phone on this one, Howard.