Howard Stern: They Spent Less Time On The Warren Commission Than The Merger


This morning Howard Stern spent the opening 15 minutes of his show talking about the Sirius-XM merger. Tim Sabean, the program director for the Howard Stern Sirius channels, was the first person to call him after the decision was announced. Although Stern was generally happy over the decision, he cautioned listeners that the FCC has yet to approve the decision. From Marksfriggin:

”Howard took another call from a guy who asked how long they think the FCC will take to make a decision. Howard said he figured that it would have been done by now. They’re just taking their time and taking too long. Howard said that the only good thing is that they can’t claim that this was rushed through and they made a decision too fast. He said that they spent less time on the Warren Commission than they did on this merger thing. Howard said that this is a good first step so he’s happy about that.”

(image via amazon)