Howard Kurtz’s Exclusive Trip to La La Land

The Daily Beast/Newsweek Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz is quite the world traveler these days. He even ventures into the unknown, wondrous places like Fantasyland, where lollipops grow like dandelions.

Yesterday he claimed to have an “exclusive” concerning Gayle King and CBS’s “The Early Show.” He wrote on Twitter, “Exclusive: CBS signing Charlie Rose, Gayle King to try to jump-start perenially [sic] last place Early Show.” He published a short story (word count: 350) with no particularly “exclusive” details. After the lede, which stated that King and Rose were set to join the program, the rest was filler from previous stories. What’s more, NYP‘s Page Six declared months ago this was going to happen.

Five minutes later, NYT‘s Brian Stelter, who had actual exclusive elements, such as the day and time of the announcement (next Tuesday, 8 a.m.) and quotes from those involved, published an in-depth story. Word count: 1, 115. In it he wrote, “Starting sometime early next year, Mr. Rose, Ms. King and other new hires will join two of the current co-hosts, Erica Hill and Jeff Glor, on a new set that is being built on the West Side. More than half a dozen CBS staff members described the plan on the condition of anonymity because they were not permitted to discuss it publicly yet.” Stelter announced the news with the phrase “exclusive details”  saying, “Coming soon to CBS: a complete makeover of the morning. Exclusive details, just published.” A moment later, he added, “New CBS plan, to be announced next Tuesday in NY: Charlie Rose w/ @EricaRHill at 7am; Gayle King and co. at 8am.”