Howard Kurtz Facebook Update

Howard Kurtz added 23 Facebook friends this week, bringing his total to 2,238. He also had a staggering 11 status updates, which included:

    Howard is recovering from 2 and a half hours of anchoring, which included cutting off Jesse Jackson as Bill C took the stage.

    Howard is about to anchor WP/Newsweek webcast again. Emergency duty. Zero preparation. Hey, it’s not like it’s television.

    Howard is on the convention floor, which is more crowded than the D train at rush hour.

    Howard is anchoring a nightly WP/Newsweek webcast from the conventions from 7-8 pm eastern. No commercials!

    Howard is chortling over watching Jon Stewart go at it with the press about how we’re screwing America.

    Howard just chatted up Brokaw, awaiting wisdom from Sunday anchors–and a free lunch.

    Howard is at the Pepsi Center, ready to go on CNN. Place empty except for TV types.

    Howard amazed at how decrepit the Denver press tent is. journalism requires sacrifice.

    Howard is in Denver. The excitement is building at the baggage claim.

    Howard is flying to Denver. Conservative radio guy slamming Biden at 6am.

    Howard having another wasted day. Off to Denver. Must be some news there, right?

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