Howard Dean: Clinton Email Story the Product of a ‘Bored Press’

"She can't be blamed for this."

Appearing on Meet the Press Sunday, Howard Dean, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and contender for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination, dismissed concerns over the transmission of classified emails over Hillary Clinton‘s private server as driven, in part, by the media. “Look,” Dean told host Chuck Todd, “this is, in fact, manufactured partly by a press that’s bored and partly by the Republicans.”

Dean–who threw his support behind Clinton back in December, months before she announced she was seeking the Democratic nomination–went on to defend how Clinton handled government emails, doubling down on his characterization of the story as a flight of journalistic fancy. “She can’t be blamed for this. So I look at this as the usual press frenzy, the pack journalism, and I think it’ll go away, because there’s no sense to it.”

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