How Tweet Premonitions Can Make You Virtually Rich

Maybe it won’t provide the familiar adrenaline rush of watching your stock portfolio plummet, but there’s a website out there that allows you to play the Twitter market, so to speak.

twitter_logo_header.pngAs TechCrunch’s Robin Wauters explains, Pretweeting enables players to buy and sell words on Twitter with virtual money.

The first step is to sign up through Twitter (using OAuth). You then get a starting stake of $5,000 in virtual U.S. currency (or 10,000 “slots”) with which to “purchase” words you (and your investment advisers) believe could soon become popular on Twitter.

Just like the real stock market, though, the cost of words are determined by their perceived (or anticipated) value. As Wauters writes, “The most likely to become widely used are the most expensive words.”

Pretweeting provides a list of nearly 4,000 words listed in order of value. Tops at the moment are “the” ($59.33), “to” ($55.97), “and” ($33.68), “of” ($31.86), “in” ($30.56) and “for” ($28.17).

Commodities, people, commodities.

Pretweeting also provides a leaderboard, chat, research and tips.

Fine print: There’s a minimum cost of 5 cents per word and a 5 percent fee per sale. Also, Pretweeting only counts tweets from U.S. Twitterers. So much for the global economy.

(Note to self: Right before the next televised music awards ceremony, double down on “Kanye” and “jerk”.)