How to Web

A few guys (yes, all guys) on the Web 2.0, Blogging, Tagging, Podcasting and all that stuff panel talked about how if you’re doing a website redesign you no longer take 12 months and go through lots of big changes and then roll it out in a splash. More of a change something, see if it works, tweak it, go again. Disney’s Goldstein said the redesign of (which nominally belongs to Family Fun magazine) had been launched 120 days ago, quietly, in “Beta” testing mode, and there’d been a dozen changes since then, none of which an audience would be likely to notice. Scott Meyer, president and CEO of About, agreed it’s “more of a continuing process,” rather than a big redevelopment. And Brian Glicklich of Premiere Radio Networks said it’s a “constant Beta.”

Later, panelist Dave Planos, CEO of Pluck, told us — thanks again to Rachel for the intro — about the “Bozo filter.” Seems they’ve developed an application so that a jerk who’s ruining it for everyone else by posting nasty comments on a blog gets to post, but – get this – only THEY can see them. So the jerk gets his little thrill of messing things up for the rest of the community, but the community doesn’t see it. Very nifty.