How to Stay Energized on the Job During the Dog Days of Summer

Brown_Bag_LunchIf you live among heat and humidity, you’re not alone. It’s hard enough with sweltering temps (and if you’re in New York City like we are, the sauna-like subway platforms), right?

Well, that’s why we’re here to provide some reminders of ways to stay energized on the job. In another post we’ll tackle staying focused on the job search but for now, we’re all about living in the present. Whether you have a vacation coming up or just returned from one, it may be a little challenging staying focused on the job.

Thanks to this post we read on TheLadders, there are a few ways to stay focused and keep that energy up, up, up!

1. Swap out your cup of joe. That’s right, we’re recommending ditching that cup of coffee. Grab a cup of green tea instead. Here’s why: Caffeine is absorbed into your body much more slowly and you’ll get a “steadier boost of energy over a longer period of time.” Java, as you probably already know, will certainly give you a jolt but since your body will absorb it very fast, you’ll feel like you need another cup of coffee and yet another just to get through the morning.

2. Snack smartly. As pointed out in the piece, instead of eating a heavy lunch, go with smaller snacks instead. Whether it’s an apple or some peanut butter, as long as you opt for lean protein and carbohydrates, you should be good to go. You’ll have a nice stream of energy flowing your way

3. Plot out your projects. If you seriously need to take a stroll in the late afternoon to boost your energy, you’re not alone. That’s why plotting your energy levels and tasks associated with them is oh-so-important. If you’re most energized in the morning, work on projects during that timeframe that rely on concentration.

4. Stay hydrated. This is crucial not only to your performance but your well-being as well. You may easily become dehydrated so to remedy the situation, as mentioned in the piece, bring a large refillable water bottle to the office. To jazz things up, feel free to add limes or lemons to the agua.