Password Managers – How to Never Forget Your Password Again!

Passwords have become the bane of our 21st century Internet existence. Between character limits, forced casing issues, the inability to use a portion of your name and ever-improving phishers, we are constantly forced to update and create user names and passwords. How on earth is a savvy Web user expected to retain all of this sensitive data? To this end there are several online tools that allow you to keep track and manage all of all your passwords in one place.


Passpack offers centralized storage for personal passwords, logins and links. You can even store private data. The site is accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection. A 1-click login lets you enter your favorite sites without having to type.


Browser independent and easy to use, Keywallet works with all form types and Windows operating systems in order to encrypt your private data. There is no spyware or ad-ware and there are cool skins that can be added to give the program a unique look. An extra layer of protection has the program capture the key strokes of your login information. After that, you simpy drag and drop your user name and password to fill out any login boxes or forms.


With nothing to install, Clipperz is a password manager that offers an extra layer of encryption, meaning that the bad guys can’t access your login credentials. The site encourages you to use their service for all sensitive data – not just the stuff that’s found online. (i.e. – Security system password, secret notes, etc.) There is also an offline version which allows you to access the system sans Web connection. A Firefox app is available as well.


MySafeBox operates on the premise that you should never trust anyone with your passwords – not even them. That is why rather than store your password, the site encourages you to store your “secret question” or password hint data. Stored info is placed into an encrypted database and is not seen by any other human eyes. Watch a demo.


Mitto is Latin for “to send.” While we’re not 100% sure if that’s a great name for a free password manager, we do like the simple/free service. You can access your passwords securely from any computer, organize them with tags, and securely share them with trusted friends.

Handy Password

Part password manager, part form filler, part bookmark manager, Handy Password is designed to improve the quality of your Web browsing experience. the add-on can be hooked into IE or Firefox and will ensure that you never forget a password again. For under $30 (there is a free trial), you can download the USB Flash drive manager which includes a random password generator.


With over 22 million downloads, Roboform touts itself as the “#1 downloaded password manager.” The program allows you to create a single master password, meaning that even if you have 20 different sets of login information, you only need to remember a single password. Powerful AES encryption securely stores your user names, passwords and other information stored on your computer.

I know many people reading this blog are well under 40. But let me ask…do you find your memory getting worse with each passing year? I do! I’m lucky I remember the birthdays of those I love, let alone my login information for some random social networking iste I signed up for 3 years ago.