"How To Make It On YouTube" Documents Quest Of Aspiring Video Stars

The SAX ShowEverybody who has ever uploaded a video to YouTube understands the struggle that comes with trying to get views and recognition, especially if their goal is to go viral or become a YouTube star. The SAX Show, a sketch comedy group on YouTube, plans to illustrate this struggle in a new web series called ‘How To Make It On YouTube.’

The SAX Show released the trailer for the show earlier this week, which features a poor soul checking his YouTube account to find that he has no views, no messages, no friend requests, no nothing. SAX describes the project on a Kickstarter page for the show, which is about a few high school graduates that are trying to make it big on YouTube in 2010:

“Now that the YouTube is as bit as it is now, things are more competitive, and its now harder to get noticed on YouTube. The Story [of ‘How To Make It On Youtube’] follows the characters on their Journey to Internet stardom and success. The Series will be very realistic and will show the [disappointment] and struggle that comes with trying to become a YouTube star today. Some of those struggles include accounts getting closed or hacked, balancing life and YouTube, and more importantly, trying to get people watching your videos that you worked so hard on.”

SAX says that the series is geared towards anyone that has ever uploaded a video to YouTube hoping for views, anyone looking to become a YouTube partner or has the desire to make it on the video site. Check out the trailer below.

I am interested to see whether or not this web series will be a success. The SAX Show is not one of YouTube’s most popular channels by far. They have 223 subscribers and just over 116,000 upload views, which is impressive but still a far cry from Famous YouTubers like MysteryGuitarMan and SxePhil whose numbers are in the millions. Perhaps this web series will be the ticket that will catapult the SAX Show into YouTube stardom. After all, I do think that the subject matter is something that a lot of YouTubers will be able to relate to and it might be just what they need to get a lot of views. What do you think? Will you be watching ‘How To Make It On YouTube?’