How To Leverage Your Blog To Get Thousands Of Facebook Fans

This is Day 25 of the 30 Days to 3,000 Fans program. You can learn more about the program here.
-Fanbox Icon-There are a number of ways to build up your fan base as we’ve already discussed in the past twenty-four days but one of the best ways to get new fans is to let users instantly join your Facebook Page is to integrate it directly into your blog or website. We already discussed cross-promoting your website and your Facebook Page but with the Facebook Fan Box widget, you can instantly get visitors to your site to become fans without them ever leaving the page.

Having new visitors become fans is a great way to get ongoing reach and engagement. While RSS feeds to your blog or email newsletters are a great way to continue promoting your business through content, getting new Facebook fans is also an excellent way to obtain ongoing reach. So how do you get your fan box set up? All you need to do is visit your Facebook Page and click on the link on the left which says “Add Fan Box to your site”.

After you’ve clicked on the link you can customize your fan box to include or exclude your content stream and fan list. At a minimum you must include your page logo and the “Become a Fan” button. If you know basic CSS you can also customize your Facebook fan box to use the design of your site.

How To Create Content That Drives People To Action

While a large portion of attracting new fans is dependent on the positioning of the Facebook page link on your site, there are many other ways to drive people to your Facebook Page. The best way to get people to take action is to create insightful content that has a great call to action. Below I’ve created a list of five different tactics to developing content that will drive people to action. With these five steps you are practically guaranteed to get more readers and to drive more fans. As I keep emphasizing throughout this guide, attracting fans is not just about promoting on Facebook, it’s about building your overall brand and leveraging that brand to drive new users to your Facebook Page.

1. Master The Art Of Creative Headlines

Later in this program I’m going to discuss headlines in more depth but let me emphasize how important this is. You can write short form content all day long on your Facebook page or long form content on your blog and in both cases the headline will be the single most important thing that will drive responses. Investing time in the headline is extremely important.

2. Develop Succinct Content That’s Easy To Read

It’s easy to go on and on …. and on and on …. and on … about something when most of the time it can be quick and to the point. On the internet, most people do not tend to stick around for a long period of time. That’s why you need to give them all the information they are looking for in an easily digestible format. One example of easy to read content is lists. Throughout this guide I’ve used lists as a way to break up content and make it easy to understand.

I’ve found that lists can often generate two times the traffic of an average article. Lists also break up content in quick to digest segments. If you aren’t using a list, at least use sub-headings within your content to make it easier to read. If a person wants to skip ahead to the next section they can do so with the help of sub-headings.

3. Test Out Various Call To Actions

Want to figure out ways to drive new users to your Facebook page from text in your article? There are limitless ways to do it and each way will covert a different percentage of readers. So which links end up getting the most clicks? That’s for you to measure but to get an idea of how many varieties there can be for a simple link, check out this article entitled “Designing ‘Read More’ and ‘Continue Reading’ Links”. The main lesson learned is to spend time tracking links that users are clicking on.

If you use Google Analytics to track visitors, check out this article on how to track outbound links.

4. Know Your Audience

When you write an article it’s important to know that it will strike a chord with with your reader base. In order for an article to resonate you need to target the article content at them. If you write an article titled “10 Things Every Marketer Should Know About Selling Shoes” but your reader base is mostly manufacturing engineers, you probably aren’t going to get a lot of traffic to your article even though it contains valuable content. If you don’t know who your readers are, try running a survey to ask them!

5. Create Variety To Keep People Interested

While you can create countless lists that keep your target market informed, it’s a good idea to switch the flow of your writing. As you write content you’ll find that it’s easy to get into a routine and just churn out similar content from day to day. This will eventually reduce the growth of your site. Provide a variety content and try switching it up on a regular basis. Once a week throw in an article that’s completely off topic or plays devil’s advocate to common wisdom among industry peers.

Daily Task

Get your Facebook Fan Box widget set up on your site and start experimenting with new types of articles. This is a learning process and testing out new writing models is the best way to learn!