How To Get Re-Tweeted: Advice from Three PR Pros


We sincerely hope that Twitter doesn’t get filled up with lots of marketing campaigns and gimmicks, like the recent campaign by Maggiano Italian restaurants that encouraged users to spread a message in exchanges for the chance of winning a $100 gift card.

That being said, “re-tweeting” is quickly becoming a big part of Twitter. Back in December Edelman’s Steve Rubel did the math and found that 2% of all Tweets are Re-tweets. Naturally, PR people are thinking to themselves – how can I get my message to spread through Twitter like wild fire?

The answer? We asked three PR pros for their take. Click continued to read re-tweeting tips from Christine Kirk, Murphy O’Brien Public Relations, Peter Shankman, founder of Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and Jason Brown, Principal, PublicCity PR.

Christine Kirk, Murphy O’Brien Public Relations; Twitter: @luxuryprgal

Best Practices to Get Re-tweeted: Listen to the overall chatter and give your audience or “followers” information they can use. To increase your chances of being Re-tweeted have something interesting to say – typically, people want to pass your Tweet on for one of three reasons: they found it useful, funny, or informative. Also, including a direct link or TinyURL to a story or article in your Tweet legitimizes what you’re saying and gives more detail about the topic you’re Tweeting about. Specific to PR, the things I post that get Re-Tweeted the most are about media news (hires and lay-offs; launches or the shuttering of publications), and general breaking news within the industries I represent (luxury real estate, travel and food/beverage).

Peter Shankman, founder of Help a Reporter Out (HARO); Twitter: @skydiver

Best Practices to Get Re-tweeted: Say useful things. Information that people can pass on is AWESOME for Re-tweet power, because the people Re-tweeting also get invested in it – they’re also passing on interesting information. End result, everyone who Re-tweets looks like a hero.

Jason Brown, Principal, PublicCity PR; Twitter: @PublicCityPR

Best Practices to Get Retweeted: Providing value to followers is the best way to get Re-Tweeted, such as lists, blogs posts, and especially offering something for free. RT’ing is all about endorsing someone, or paying them a compliment, so its important to thank the one who RT’d you.