How To Get Fido To Tweet [INFOGRAPHIC]

It might not be called a “woof”, but Fido has taken to tweeting nonetheless.

People sure love their pets, and they’re broadcasting this love on social media. We’re seeing cats tweeting about their love of catnip, dogs updating Facebook when they get back from a walk, and gerbils posting pictures of their favorite wheel on Tumblr.

This infographic from eBay Classifieds shows how much love Fluffy and Fido really get on Twitter and Facebook. And it’s a lot.

A full 14 percent of dog owners say they have created a Facebook page for their furry companion, and six percent of doggies are on Twitter. Cats are also on social media: they have a special Facebook app called Catbook that prevents photos of your little kitty appearing on your main page.

This infographic also includes some tips for tweeting pups and kittens, such as “Be open to other species”, “Don’t bark incessantly” and “Try not to whine when you lose followers”. It’s great advice for pets, and for people too!

You can check out all of the tips and tricks for getting your fuzzy friends on social media in the infographic below:

(Graphic provided by eBay Classifieds; Top image: Susan Schmitz via Shutterstock)