How to Collect Marketing Data Using Social Media at Live Events

Technology has begun to connect the online and offline worlds

A boat load of data is available to you

There are many benefits to marketing your products in-person, including face-to-face interactions with customers, tours and live events. But historically, the internet has had one big benefit over in-person experiences. Online, customer behaviors can be easily tracked using a variety of software.

Fortunately, technology has begun to connect the online and offline worlds. But while solutions are available to collect basic contact information, businesses are often challenged to gather the social media usernames they need.

Not only do these usernames allow you to potentially track down engaged followers, but they can also help you pull in valuable information on your target audience.

There are a ton of data points you can collect from social media at your live experiences, and using an experience-relationship-management platform like AnyRoad can be an easy way to gather comprehensive data from experience marketing and tie all of the information you collect into your customer-relationship-management platform. This will put your data directly where you need it to grow long-term relationships with your biggest fans.

Here are a few great ways to use social media to get the data you need at your next event.

Link RFID-equipped badges to social media

Radio frequency identification (RFID) has become an increasingly popular way to collect data on event attendance. Although this could be a pricey investment for a smaller business, if you use the information wisely, you can earn a return on that investment.

Using RFID, you can track participant traffic, learning which exhibits or sessions were more popular. This technology can also link attendees to social media to help them determine when online connections are nearby while they’re at the event, upping the value of networking-style experiences. In addition to providing event analytics, this type of tracking can help you identify the social media usernames of those in attendance.

Connect to social via WiFi

A great way to pull data from participants is actually simply through the WiFi network that you provide. A few new companies allow you to offer WiFi that allows you to quickly collect customer contact data. Through this, you can match up social media activity with individual attendees and get the information you need.

Social media listening

During any event, a certain percentage of attendees will be actively communicating on social media. If they use your event hashtag, you can easily follow these activities, but it’s important to pay close attention to everything that’s being posted about your event, across multiple social platforms.

Social media listening tools are important throughout the year, but they’re especially useful for your experiential marketing efforts. From this listening, you can gather the usernames of those who are most likely to be interested in buying from you and follow up with special offers or a simple thank-you note. You can also pull reports that give insight into the overall performance of your events, as well as staying tuned into the conversations happening around it. All of this will help inform future event decisions to increase your chances of success.


As social media has grown in popularity with marketers, hashtag analytics have emerged as a great way to monitor user behaviors. Each event should have an assigned hashtag that is heavily promoted to attendees. Before, during and after the event, you should monitor activity on that tag and gather information on those who are posting.

Photo booths

One fun way to get attendees to willingly share their information is through the use of a photo booth at your event. You can set this up yourself using an interesting backdrop and some fun props, then assign a team member to snap photos of participants. You’ll likely find groups of people gather and have fun with the concept, and once the photo has been snapped, they’ll naturally want to share the image on social media.

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