How Perino Reacts To Les, #8

Les Kinsolving is famous for asking oddball questions. So we like to track how White House Press Secretary Dana Perino reacts to them.

    MS. PERINO: Okay, Les.

    Q Thank you, Dana. Two questions. This question concerns three people who are not running for election.

    MS. PERINO: Okay.

And this exchange may best encapsulate the West Wing/4th Estate relationship:

    MS. PERINO: I think I’ve just answered — I think I answered that question earlier, Victoria.

    Q Not really.

    MS. PERINO: Yes, I —

    Q Not specifically.

    Q In the President’s dedication to elevating the level of public discourse, he agrees with the Governor of New Mexico’s statement that it was gutter politics for James Carville to compare Richardson to Judas Iscariot, doesn’t he?

    MS. PERINO: Not commenting on the ’08 election. I’m not —

    Q None of these are running for election, Dana. None of these are running for election.

    MS. PERINO: Try your next question — next and final.