How Much Is Your Facebook Profile Worth?

If Facebook is valued at $15 billion, how much of that pie can be attributed to your profile?facebook_priceAccording to the How Much Am I Worth application, the answer is simple: The more you use Facebook, the higher your profile’s value.

Install the app and you can compare yourself with your friends and other people on Facebook to see how valuable your profile is.

The app uses several factors to make a determination: the number of friends you have; the number of photos you have uploaded; how many photos you’ve tagged; number of groups owned, etc. Super active users can receive valuations in the thousands of dollars.

Facebook is definitely riding an impressive wave of media hype, but with more than double the number of users, how much is that MySpace profile worth?

At this time, the data is mostly subjective. However, could a “profiles for sale” marketplace be next?

We’re not sure, And as we write this the value of the How Much Am I Worth application might be dropping, because quite honestly, it’s a bit buggy.

Web site valuation tools are nothing new, but as social networks continue to grip the world, a tool like this could go from nothing more than gravy to a real deal meal.