How Much Do App Developers Make?

When you are looking for a new job, one of the daunting tasks can be determining your salary requirements. You want to ask for enough to make the job worth your while, but you don’t want to ask for so much that you are not considered. So how much money do app developers make?

Using the anonymous job site Glassdoor, we found that the average salary for an app developer is around $80,000 a year. The site breaks out figures based on the specific job title from specific companies.

Below, we’ve made a list of what app developers at various different companies make–all the figures drawn from anonymous users at Glassdoor. You can use the site to determine the salaries of various positions at other companies.

Software Engineer ( Senior Oracle App Developer) at Audatex a Solera Company Salaries averages $95,217 a year. This is based on responses from three employees. A Lead App Developer at McGraw-Hill Ryerson earns between $86,000 and $94,000 a year. A Senior App Developer at Ercot earns $87,000-94,000 a year.

At Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, the Senior Specialist, Systems and App Development Analyst earns $85,000-93,000 a year and the Vice President, Sys and App Development Team Leader earns between $140,000-152,000.

Senior App Development Specialist at First National of Nebraska earns $67,000-72,000 and a Cobol Translation Developer (Comp App Developer) at Revenue Solutions earns $55,000-61,000 a year.