How Mobile Users Discover, Engage and Abandon Apps (Infographic)

People download apps for push notifications on app-only deals and other exclusive content.

Given their ability to do more with limited relatively limited computing power, apps remain a big part of the mobile space. While there is some speculation that a better mobile web experience could eliminate apps, they’re still important to business and consumers. An infographic from Targeting Mantra examines how users discover, engage with, and abandon apps.

More than half of all app users discover apps through friends, family, and colleagues. 40 percent discover apps through the app store itself, and 27 percent find them through web searches. Only 24 percent find apps through company websites, according to the infographic.

Sixty-five percent of consumers choose to download an app because it offers notifications, so its important that notifications provide the information users are looking for. 31 percent want time crunched offers, while 24 percent are want app-only discounts and sales.

Many users will abandon newly downloaded apps rather quickly. Those who hang on to an app, do so because it provides relevant information and reviews or ratings. Most apps are uninstalled because it crashes or hangs, or because the registration process is too complicated. Ecommerce apps have a 77 percent install-to-registration rate, but only a 2.1 percent install-to-purchase rate, which indicates that companies need to do better at solving issues within their apps.

To see what drives users to make multiple purchases, or to see actionable tips for every stage in the app journey, view the infographic below.


Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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