How eavesdropping can get you on TV (okay, MSNBC)

oheard.jpgOn April 28, 2005, I had been in this gig for less than a month and had no clue who most of you were. Right. So it’s not surprising that I, not unlike Wendell Jamieson, had no clue what “Overheard in New York” was until July (after Michael Malice had invited me to his birthday party, btw).

Which is why I had no idea until this second that OHNY had actually broken the Katie-Holmes-and-Tom-Cruise-Are-Actually-Serious story, like so:

Gawker Stalker, I Think You Missed One
Katie Holmes: He introduced me to his kids! And he’s taking me to Rome on a private jet this weekend.

–Starbucks, Waverly Place

Pretty hilarious. Apparently Tucker Carlson was fascinated by that last night when he had OHNY’s Michael Malice on to chat about the new OHNY book. Intrepid Fishbowl correspondent Bucky Turco was on hand to see, photograph, and opine. Appaently Michael made a point of saying that it’s not a blog, its’ a website that is updated daily (in reverse chronological order, no less. Honey. That’s a blog. Not nice to mislead the Tucker). Here’s my favorite part:

At one point Tucker equated the overheard stuff with wiretapping and Michael kind of responded, but there are no wires.

Hilarious. I love that. Then Tucker said that he’d expect some privacy if he were on a payphone, proving that he’s never lived in New York City, where the payphones are OUTSIDE. Said Malice: “I don’t believe in the right to privacy, its not in the constitution.” No doubt he will be watching tonight’s “State of the Union” address with interest.

Funny note: both Tucker and Malice have semi-unusual tie habits: Tucker’s is his bowtie, which has gone from unfortunate fashion choice to jaunty calling card, and, though we can’t tell from this photo, Malice’s is his ubiquitous hacked-from-a-tie arm band (under which, we have no doubt, is a tattoo which reads “Fuck The Bullshit It’s Time To Throw Down”).

“Overheard in New York” and the NYT: Coincidence, but no Malice aforethought [FBNY]