How Come Android Developers Haven't Added SD Card Support?

I am once again being forced into my least favorite task with my Nexus One, managing phone storage. There are 65 apps installed on my Nexus One and I have 20.36 MB of internal phone storage out of a possible 191 MB of space. Soon the storage on my phone will dip below 20 MB and Android will display a low storage space warning. I assume that allowing the phone storage to go much below 20 MB will result in performance degradation.

What is frustrating is that I should not need to worry about storage space on my Nexus One because I have 2.69 GB of free space available on the SD card. Android 2.2 adds the support for running apps from the SD card, but that requires developers to enable a flag in their app that allows Android to move the app to the SD card. There are apps available like App2SD and SDMove that make it easy for users to identify which apps can be moved to the SD card, but users cannot move an app unless it is flagged to be able to move. So far I have only been able to move 18 of the 65 apps that are on my phone to the SD card.

I don’t understand why more developers have not updated their apps so that they will run from the SD card. The instructions for adding the capability seem to be very straightforward to me. Many of the apps on my phone like Qik, Twitter, Kindle, Facebook, and more have no reason to me why they can’t run from the SD card. I have seen no performance problems with running apps like Angry Birds from the SD card.

Android developers please take the time to update your apps so that with the next release they will run from the SD card. Doing so will be very helpful to your users. If there is a reason why you do not want the app to run from the SD card how about posting an explanation to your web site?