How Can Anyone Confuse the HP DreamScreen (Souped Up Photo Frame) with the Mythical Apple Tablet?

YouTube video courtesy of howto4u

VentureBeat is a great web-publication. But, this attention grabbing headline…

The long-awaited DreamScreen tablet computer comes from HP, not Apple

…is just that. There is no reason to compare the HP DreamScreen to a hypothetical Apple tablet or even the iPod touch. Take a look at HP’s product page at…

HP DreamScreen

At best, the more apt comparison is the Chumby. The DreamScreen is a basically a tweaked photo picture frame. It provides weather information, an alarm clock, Facebook access, internet radio (Pandora), and plays videos. That’s it. Nothing else. It doesn’t have a web browser, no RSS feed reader and doesn’t seem to be able to add apps or widgets of some kind.

For $250, the 10-inch DreamScreen model looks like a nice multimedia photo frame. But, don’t confuse it with an app-capable tablet (Apple or otherwise).