How The World’s Top Brands Use Twitter [STUDY]

97 percent of the world’s largest brands used Twitter in 2013, tweeting on average 30 times per week, predominately for broadcasting and engagement purposes, reveals a new study from social media monitoring company Brandwatch.

The survey analysed 253 top brands from the U.S. and the UK, monitoring the type and frequency of activity, why brands are using Twitter, which tools they’re using and the size of their social teams.

In their report Brandwatch determined that 2013 changed the way that global brands used Twitter.

Key findings:

  • More than 97 percent of major brands tweeted in 2013, up from 90 percent last year and 62 percent in 2011
  • Just 2.4 percent of top brands do not use Twitter, with Apple being the most notable in its absence
  • Brands tweeted on average 30 times per week, up four-fold since 2012, with U.S. brands tweeting significantly more than those in the UK
  • Nearly two-thirds of all brands had multiple accounts on Twitter
  • A third of all brands exclusively use for tweet publication, and 57 percent of brands have changed their Twitter tools in the past 12 months

Twitter Activity

  • More than half of brands tweeted 30 times per week or more

Twitter Engagement

  • One quarter of all brands use Twitter solely as a broadcasting channel
  • 69 percent use Twitter both for broadcasting and engagement

Twitter Profiles

  • 63 percent of brands now use multiple accounts on Twitter, up from 35 percent last year
  • The most common use for the extra accounts is customer service
  • Dell has 44 different Twitter accounts!

Tweet Frequency

  • Brands are tweeting more frequently than in 2012 and 2011, with half sending out more than 30 tweets per week
  • U.S. brands tweeted on average 221 times each week, while UK brands tweet only 30 times each week
  • Brandwatch noted that tweeting more frequently does not necessarily translate into more engagement – none of the 10 most prolific brands on Twitter, who tweet every 6-20 minutes, made the list of most engaged brands on the network

Twitter Management

  • The average brand’s Twitter team consists of four members

Twitter Platforms

  • More than half of all brands use alongside at least one other tool, with HootSuite also very popular, although its share has fallen year-on-year
  • Almost two in four (38 percent) of brands never use
  • Overall, more than half of all brands analysed had switched tools in the past 12 months

(Source: Brandwatch.)

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