Houston CBS Affiliate Falls for WWE PR Stunt


WWE wrestling is fake. Most people know that. However, there have been a few instances in which the organization has fooled the media into reporting its stunts as the real thing.

The latest example? Houston CBS affiliate KHOU, which posted the story, “WWE chairman hurt in freak accident,” after Vince McMahon pretended to be injured by a collapsing set at a WWE event in San Antonio.

Reader Chris at Blog of Hilarity used to work for WWE PR and sent in the following from his post on that matter [edited to remove obscenities]:

I worked for WWE’s PR department last year during the time Vince’s limo blew up. I will preface this by saying that I greatly enjoyed my time at WWE and was treated extremely well. It was an awesome experience and made me even better at what I do. I had to pretend TO LEGITIMATE MEDIA that Vince McMahon has actually been blown up in a limo accident. Actually, no, I couldn’t say “Vince McMahon.” I had to say “MR. MCMAHON” (because that’s the character).

Ah, the world that is WWE PR.