House Dem Retreat Schizo With Press

The House Democratic Caucus Issues three-day retreat concludes today at the glorious Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Va. It seems the Dems want the press there and they don’t want them there. Or, they want them there, but on their terms only.

In the “Planning Purposes Only” email, here are some of the more interesting mixed messages regarding press coverage. It’s so schizo — we want you, we hate you — that we got whiplash just reading through it.

Mixed Messages Reading List

#1: Please Note: The Lansdowne Resort hotel will be closed press. However, there will be press briefings and opportunities for credentialed media to interview Democratic Members and guests at the Issues Conference. Note to readers: In other words, you can’t lurk around and spy on us in the hot tubs, but we will have planned pressers to tell you what we want you to know. FBDC phoned the resort this week to inquire whether we could book a room for a night or go during the day and hang out in the spa. We asked if anyone from any profession — such as a reporter — could stay at the hotel. The answer was yes, but not during the days of the House retreat because the hotel and spa were sold out. “Maybe Friday,” the woman in reservation said.

#2. Press File and Briefing Center: A press file and briefing center will be set up on the grounds of The Lansdowne Resort. Access will be free and open to media with proper credentials. However, to guarantee access to a workspace and other services, please RSVP as early as possible. To readers: In other words, sure, come, but nothing is guaranteed.

#3. Press Travel: Media must make their own travel arrangements to and from Leesburg, Virginia. There will NOT be transportation provided for media. A limited number of parking spaces will be available for media but all vehicles must be pre-registered for access to the grounds of The Lansdowne Resort. To readers: Sure, we’d love for you to come. But your on your own. And parking will be iffy.

#4. Press Accommodations: Rooms will NOT be available for the media at The Lansdowne Resort. For your convenience, the House Democratic Caucus has reserved a block of rooms at a reduced rate at the Holiday Inn..less than a 10 minute drive away. To readers: We can’t totally squabble with this one. While the press isn’t fit for Lansdowne, they were kind enough to get a discounted rate for journos at this economy joint not far from the luxurious resort. Kind of like saying, we’ll be at the Capitol Grill. Enjoy your meal at Applebees.