‘Hottest Media Types’ Contest Update

An update on the Hottest D.C. Media Types: Make sure to get your nominations in before Sunday evening when the contest closes. Email garrett AT mediabistro DOT com or use the tip box.

Remember the only criteria: Nominees have to work in the media and be based in Washington, D.C. Ipso facto, Jeff Gannon doesn’t count since he’s not currently employed in the media and Anderson Cooper doesn’t count because he’s not in Washington.

In addition to the Hottest On Airs and Hottest Off Airs, Best Dressed, Hottest On Site, and Hottest When You Get To Know Them, by popular demand, we’re also thinking of adding a category for Cutest Media-Related Baby. So, if you know of cute recent D.C. media babies, send them along.

The Official Fishbowl D.C. Judging Panel is beginning deliberations today to draw up the list of finalists before Monday’s voting starts. So far the off air categories are proving much more popular than the on air talent, and although ABC is solidly leading the pack in nominations, we’ve seen entries from everyone from Congress Daily to Reader’s Digest to AARP Magazine.

Also, here’s an interesting one that came our way today: Which D.C. editor is pictured here?

Find out on Monday.