Hot and in Style?

In their weekly chat, The Reliable Source team of Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts once again field the important questions of our time:

    Arlington, Va.: Who is the hottest Postie in Style? Last week someone said Desson Thomson, the critic guy. Just read the paper today and saw the name Jose Antonio Vargas. Is he cute? David Segal? Pray tell.

    Amy Argetsinger: Look, as objective reporters, we can’t begin to assess these things. All we can do is point you to the poll of hottest Washington journalists, from which all Style names were sadly absent. You can do a little Google-Images search on Jose and see for yourself; the wily Segal, alas, seems not to have let any images of himself escape.

UPDATE: A Googling reader (and clearly a J. Freedom du Lac fan) directs our attention toward this previous chat and another potential candidate for Hottest Style Section Writer:

    Alexandria, Va.: Why this recurrent hesitation about your appearance? Put your pic at the top of the chat! Having googled you and found your pics during your “Bee”-boy phase, you look quite fine. You might even rival Keith L. Alexander as Number One Post Hottie.

    J. Freedom du Lac: Thanks, mom.