Hootsuite-Offerpop Integration Provides Tangible Insights for Marketers

As social media marketing continues to evolve, brands are looking beyond engagement and want to see tangible business results.



Social media has entered a new phase. Before, the goal was to gain followers and fans. But now, marketers are under more pressure to show proof of demonstrable business results. In keeping with this transition, the social media marketing platform Offerpop recently announced an integration with Hootsuite.

According to Kevin Bobowski, Offerpop VP of marketing, the integration combines the engagement power of Hootsuite with Offerpop’s ability to deliver a tangible return on investment. Of course the engagement analytics that Hootsuite provides is important; however, Offerpop analytics can show consumer engagement from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel, right up to the point of purchase.

This bodes well for the strategy of leveraging user-generated content. When consumers submit content through contests, promotions and campaigns, Offerpop enables brands to catalog that content and then re-purpose it for new campaigns. Bobowski says that Offerpop can help brands connect the content to tangible business metrics.

“We can actually attribute all of the information back to campaigns, and it’s really powerful,” he says.

Ultimately, the goal with the Hootsuite-Offerpop integration is to provide marketers with tools in one place to demonstrate the value of social media marketing, improve their efforts for the future and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the evolution of social.

“Offerpop’s integration with Hootsuite simplifies social marketing with a complete command center that provides actionable insights to drive measurable return,” says Offerpop CEO Wendell Lansford.

*image via Offerpop.com