Anonymous Hollywood Assistant Hits Tumblr Bull’s Eye

To mark the recent Cinco de Mayo holiday, it would have made sense for this particular show business aspirant to drown their overworked and underpaid sorrows with straight rows of Tequila shots. Instead, they opted for the cheaper and longer-lasting buzz of Tumblr blog HollywoodAssistants.

What’s great about this excellent new diversion is that it does not swim with the snark. Rather, the author uses a drier, droll sense of humor to meme-capture the highs and lows of an overworked Hollywood assistant’s daily rote.

“I was formerly an agency assistant at one of the big four,” the operator of HollywoodAssistants tells FishbowlLA via email. “Now I am an assistant elsewhere in the industry, but I can’t reveal where in order to remain anonymous.” Although this person also refused to tell us if they are male, female or transgender, we’re guessing – based on this, and this – that HollywoodAssistants is a her.

“I’ve gotten very positive feedback from people,” HA Anonymous continues. “I get lots of emails and tweets about how much people respond to the blog – even people who aren’t necessarily Hollywood assistants.”

Although this Tumblr blog definitely started as a May 5 goof, the author now agrees it could turn into something bigger. “I don’t have a set goal for the blog, but who knows where it might lead me to. For now, I’m just glad to be entertaining people.”

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