Holiday Inn Express Wants You to Take a (Virtual) Shower With Comedian Rob Riggle

360-degree video showcases important amenity

Nobody wants a stranger in their shower. And, unless you're a morning person, you especially don't want them talking to you in a manner more chipper than their yellow rain slicker.

But Holiday Inn Express has found an exception to that general rule, bringing Rob Riggle into the virtual shower—galoshes and all. InterContinental Hotels Group hired the comedian for its 360-degree video on YouTube.

Armed with shampoo, conditioner and a long-handled loofah, Riggle talks about the water's "proprietary blend" while offering a back scrub.

"It's somewhere between a squirt gun and a fire hose which, as we all know, is the sweet spot," he says in the two-minute film.

According to Holiday Inn Express vp Jennifer Gribble, this year's campaign is focused on "simple pleasures." She said using emerging technology such as 360-degree video gives the hotel brand a chance to showcase one of the key components of a room—the shower—in a humorous way.

"We understand the value of a great, energizing shower for our guests, and that's why we offer a multifunction shower head and plenty of water pressure in all our rooms," Gribble said.

Last year, Holiday Inn Express did something similar when it created a Pancake Selfie Express, taking the brand's one-touch pancake machine on the road and putting laser-printed selfies on the breakfast food.

"We used a new and innovative tactic to focus on an amenity that while not necessarily new, is something we know matters to our guests," Gribble said, referring to the new video.

Watch the scene below. To experience the full 360-degree experience, open the video on a smart phone using the YouTube app or view it in Google Chrome browser. (If you have a Google Cardboard headset handy, now is the perfect time to use it.)