Twitter Blows Up As ‘Poppy_Powers,’ The Voice Behind HMV’s Twitter Hijacking Is Revealed

We told you about HMV’s Twitter troubles yesterday and today we bring you the woman behind the tweets: @Poppy_Powers.

And guess what? It seems she’s swamped with social media job offers since this happened.

Looks like there are a few lessons here for executives AND social media managers, hmm? Let’s take a stroll through her tweets to learn a bit more about what happened.

@Poppy_Powers describes herself as “a dreamer” who “just can’t sleep” and has been “causing trouble since ’91.” I love her already, don’t you? 

And she caused quite a bit of trouble for the folks at @HMVtweets yesterday, when she live-tweeted the company’s mass firing of 190 people.

But in the wake of all that excitement, let’s not forget all the folks who lost jobs. It seems that was the motivation behind Poppy Rose Cleere’s (a.k.a. @Poppy_Powers) actions.

According to The London Evening Standard, she was the former HMV social media planner – and compared to her colleagues, she felt she had little to lose, comparatively speaking:

So when the axe came down, she posted this on her Twitter and got to work:

If you missed it, you can read the series of tweets she sent from HMV’s Twitter here.

Her Twitter stream provides additional elaboration around the reasons why she did it:

And whether or not that’s true, she’s still (rightfully) being viewed as champion of the people. Also, she DIDN’T actually ‘hijack’ anything, she was the person will sole responsibility for HMV’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. Shame on HMV for THAT:

And she even told them how to remove her after-the-fact:

The London Evening Standard shares that according to her sister, Grace Cleere, Poppy Rose “had already ‘received many job offers’ in social media following the stunt, which attracted more than 10,000 followers to the HMV feed.”

Ms Cleere added: “I think she’s keeping quiet for the time being – overwhelmed with it all.”

And if you search for Poppy_Powers on Twitter, you’ll see why she would be.

The consensus is overwhelmingly positive, with offers to speak and other tweets showing support:

Though there are some who disagree – and wonder how ANY company would be foolish enough to trust her with its social media efforts:

We have an answer: One that understands how to use it.

Would you hire her?

(Image from @poppy_powers Twitter)