Hitchens Dominates War Journalism Panel


Brilliant, bold, curmudgeonly Vanity Fair Contributing Editor Christopher Hitchens was the proverbial 800 lb. gorilla in the room moderating the ”1968 to 2008 Journalism at a time of War” panel last night at the Independent Film Center. VF EIC Graydon Carter introduced a panel that included New York Times correspondent Dexter Filkins, Sebastian Junger, William Langewiesche and MTV VJ Suchin Pak. From Emily Vaughn of Editor & Publisher:

”Despite the pedigree of the panelists, Hitchens dominated the discussion, and his habit of interrupting the panelists or admonishing them to ‘keep it terse’ and if at all possible ‘witty’ — and also talking over comments by audience members a — led a few grumblers in the crowd to head for the bar before the discussion ended. Hitchens fielded many of the questions himself, at one point joking that the MTV panelist was ‘too young’ and Filkins and Junger were ‘too pretty’ to answer.”

Full article here.

(image via vanityfair)