Hispanics Respond Well to Online Ads

The Internet is a mainstream medium for U.S. Hispanics, many of whom actively seek ads to find out about new products.
Depending on the format, Hispanic Internet users are more likely to respond to online ads than white or African-American Internet users, according to a survey for ARAnet conducted by Opinion Research Corp. in March 2010.
About 19 percent of Hispanic Web users said they were “very likely” to respond to a banner ad, compared with 14 percent of African-American Internet users and 5 percent of white Internet users.

E-mail offers are also more appealing to Hispanics than to whites or African-Americans, ARAnet found. Some 23 percent of Hispanic respondents said they were “very likely” to respond to e-mail offers, while 16 percent of African-American respondents and 12 percent of white respondents put themselves in the same category.
Pop-up ads were less enticing: Just 12 percent of Hispanic and African-American Internet users said they were “very likely” to respond to them, compared with 4 percent of white Internet users.
By 2014, eMarketer expects 70 percent of the Hispanic population will be online, up from almost 60 percent in 2010. Thanks to a robust rate of growth within this general population, the online audience will grow by nearly 10 million people between 2010 and 2014, to 39.2 million.