‘His condition is good’

The following is ABC’s 3 p.m. webcast and an interview Bob Woodruff‘s brother David Woodruff by ABC’s Jim Sciutto in Landstuhl, Germany:

“Bob obviously arrived here in fairly serious condition but he stabilized very well here. According to doctors, he’s doing well. Every hour that’s gone by he has shown improvement or hasn’t gotten any worse and they say that’s good news. So his condition is good and the care here has been incredible at Landstuhl, they’ve done a wonderful job.

“The doctors have been communicating with us all the time. The care he got in the field–he was taken into the Balad field hospital within just about 30 minutes, so he got there, got treated and the actions that they took saved his life, no question about it.

“According to the doctors here they did great work down there, allowed him to get up here and he’s recovering well. I want to thank those guys, they did an incredible job and thank everybody here on the staff of the hospital.”