Hipmunk In-flight WiFi Indicator Coming to the iPhone and iPad App Soon

The desire to e-communicate while traveling is a big one. There was a time when we searched for hotels that provided phones with pass-thru jacks for analog modems. Then, the search turned to hotel rooms with Ethernet jacks. Then, the search expanded to businesses of all kinds that provided WiFi (preferably free). The latest e-communication search is in-flight WiFi. If you prefer flights with in-flight WiFi, Hipmunk now provides an easy way to find the right flight for you.

New: Find Flights that Have Wi-Fi!

The WiFi symbol now appears in flights that provide the service. You can see an example in the screenshot here. This feature is only available on Hipmunk’s website today. However, this feature is coming to their free iPhone and iPad app in the near future.

Hipmunk Flight Search (iTunes App Store)