Hillary Slams MSNBC…Praises Fox?!?


The Hillary campaign recently took MSNBC reporter David Shuster (and MSNBC generally) to task for asking a guest on February 7th’s “Tucker” program, “[D]oesn’t it seem like Chelsea’s sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?” MSNBC has suspended Shuster for his remarks.

Tonight, the Politico’s John Harris asked Clinton for her thoughts on the situation during an interview that aired on Washington, D.C.’s local ABC affiliate WJLA:

Clinton said that her staff had sent her “some independent study” “which seemed to suggest that” “in terms of the fairness of the coverage,” Fox News Channel has treated her campaign more fairly than MSNBC.

“I really am troubled by this pattern of behavior and comments that you hear” on MSNBC, said Clinton. Recently, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews came under heat for comments deemed sexist by many and liberal media watchdog group MediaMatters has increased its scrutiny of the cable network.

The Clinton campaign recently suggested that Shuster’s suspension was inadequate and Harris asked what Clinton thought would be a more appropriate punishment.

“That’s not my job John,” said Clinton. “That’s the job of the people who run the network.”

“They need to take a hard look. This is like the third time they’ve had to apologize and there are lot of things that they haven’t had to apologize for that might have merited one. So I wish they would take a look at some of the patterns of demeaning comments made on their network.”