Hillary Clinton Goes “Au Naturale”

Hillary Clinton has been First Lady. She’s been a U.S. Senator. She’s been a formidable candidate for the President of the United States. She’s currently serving as Secretary of State. So, who cares if she goes out in public without makeup and wearing glasses? Lots of people, apparently. In this picture, taken at a press conference in Bangladesh, she is clearly going for the schoolmarm look. The way some people in the media reacted, you’d think she walked outside in the nude. The Drudge Report quickly put the picture on its page. WaPo’s “She the People” page praised Hillary and called the look “refreshing.” She even addressed her new look with CNN on Tuesday saying, ““At some point it’s just not something that deserves a whole lot of time and attention. If others want to worry about it, I’ll let them do the worrying for a change.”

And worry they did. When Politico reported on her comments, their commenters went wild with one of the most polarizing politicos of our time. One commenter, Rachel Wells, says “Hillary get a stylist – and for God sake’s I will send you some lipstick.. As for the ‘ atta girl’ — please if she were a conservative woman you would mock her endlessly.. next thing you know she will lift her hairy underarms to shouts of ‘ women power’.. hush. Brush you hair and put on some mascara.. grow up.” Another, Marge Ilich, says “She’s supposed to represent us and looks like something plucked out of a dump truck. Obviously a sign of no self-respect.” One of Politico’s “Top Commenters”, Ra Williams, takes a homophobic turn, saying “She needs to be happy and come out of the closet. Why isn’t she yet? She would be a hero to many Democrat voters! Is Bill or Barack holding her down from her true feelings on sexuality?”

Hillary also had plenty of defenders. Hector Acuna commented, “You’re a beautiful woman inside and out Hillary.”