Hilary Swank, Mariska Hargitay and Heaps of Hamptons Love

When a magazine cover story writes itself

The idea of a magazine relying on one celebrity to interview another is not new. Interview has been doing it for eons and Time magazine goes to town with this sort of commingling for its annual “100 Most Influential People” issue.

But rarely is such a conversation as on-brand as the one in the Memorial Day Issue of Hamptons magazine, which kicked off summer season on the East End with two of the area’s most genuine fans, Mariska Hargitay and Hilary Swank, headlining the May 27 issue party.

Their talk starts with memories of the first trunk show for Swank’s “aesthetic wear” line, Mission Statement, also held in the Hamptons. Hargitay was there for the show, and she and Swank spend time together whenever they can:

MH: I know everyone wants to hear about the Hamptons and why you love the East End. Tell me some of your favorite places—even though I think I know what your favorite place is…

HS: You know where my favorite places are! I love the Hamptons because you and my goddaughter are there and your other two children and husband. That’s the main thing that brings me to the Hamptons—your love and light. You guys created a place there because it is filled with love and light that it’s just so relaxing. The water that cleanses [is] right there, having the beach and the land and the farm-to-table food… We all need to have a place where we go and recharge.

MH: I love that. I feel the exact same way about it, but some of my favorite moments are when you’re there and we can catch up. It’s just a sacred time.

HS: Yeah, it certainly is.

The cover is pretty spectacular. Shot by Jim Wright, it features a Mission Statement Cloud Layer 4 sweater and Strong Hold bra, along with Dior skirt and Kore bikini bottom.

Heading into the holiday weekend, New York Post media columnist Keith J. Kelly had a look at how business is booming for one and all Hamptons glossy magazines. In his piece, Hamptons magazine publisher Debra Halpert stated that the area has become a “national branding capital.” Hamptons is edited by Samantha Yanks.