Hilarious Bad NFL Lip Reading Soars Pre-Superbowl

Sequel video gets over 9 million views

"You smell great," said Patriots coach Bill Belichick to one of his players. "Is that pine?"

Ok, so maybe that's not actually what the famously cantankerous coach said. But that's what the folks behind BadLipReading made Belichick say in their latest NFL parody clip. The video, More NFL (sequel to a similar clip from last year), generated 9.3 million views last week, putting it high atop the VideoWatch/VidIQ weekly YouTube content ranker. 

Besides the goofy voiceovers—perfectly timed for the Super Bowl—last week's ranking saw two more pranks break out: the silly Walking on Water stunt from MagicofRahat (5.87 million views) and the demented Russian Hitman Elevator Hostage Prank! from the red hot VitalyzedTV (7.81 million views). Check out the full ranker here:

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