How To Hide From Annoying Friends On Facebook Chat

While you have friends that you don’t mind chatting with, sometimes there are people who constantly flood you with chat messages about absolutely nothing interesting. There’s no need to turn off your chat entirely! Instead, you can take advantage of your friend lists and turn off access to chat from people who you aren’t interested in speaking with. In essence this is will help you become “invisible” to as many of your Facebook contacts as you’d like and get on with your life!

Step 1: Create A Friend List

If you haven’t already created a friend list, I suggest checking out our guide about how to use Facebook friend lists before proceeding with this article. Once you’ve gone through the process of setting up a friend list, you’ll now be able to filter out which friends are visible. For the sake of this guide, I’ll show you the sample process of creating a friend list.

Create The List

Visit the Facebook friends page (found here) and click on the “Create New List” button in the top left.

Create List Screenshot

Next up you’ll need to enter the name of a new list. Honestly, I suggest using your pre-existing friend lists, but for the purpose of this guide, we’ll create a sample friend list called “Invisible Chat”. Once you enter the name of the list, you can begin selecting the friends who you want to become invisible from as illustrated in the image below.

Invisible Chat Screenshot

Step 2: Block The Friends In Chat

Go Offline ScreenshotThe last step to blocking your friends is to essentially “become invisible”. This is accomplished by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right hand side of your screen. Once you do this, you’ll see a window like the one pictured to the right show up. Since we’ve created a list of people that we want to hide from on Facebook chat, we’ll need to appear offline to those individuals. All you need to do is scroll down to the list that we just created and click on the switch which enables you to “Go Offline”. Once you’ve flipped the switch and it becomes grey, you will no longer be displayed to those individuals.

Now that you’ve gone through these steps you’re done! You have effectively blocked all of your annoying friends on Facebook Chat. Keep in mind that all of your other friends will still see you as online. This is a pretty useful technique as we all have one of those friends who won’t stop IMing us! Stop them now! Hopefully this guide will help you regain a little more silence in your life and increase your productivity!