He’s a man, baby! Actually, two of them: The secret identity of Noah Tall

blank ii.pngIt’s Literary Unmasking Week! Yesterday, JT Leroy; today, Noah Tall, the mysterious and shadowy author of Blink parody Blank: The Power of Not Actually Thinking At All, first brought to you a month ago by Fishbowl.

Apparently, Noah Tall is more man than any of us expected – because he’s two men! Today’s Page Six broke the news that the Blank authors are none other than AdWeek‘s longtime Media Person columnist Lewis Grossberger and former Premiere EIC and current ESPN Books editor (and occasional Michael’s luncher) Michael Solomon. Page Six notes that Solomon and Grossberger worked together at Esquire in the ’90s, under then-editor David Hirshey, who is now-executive editor of Blank publisher HarperCollins (and also a frequent luncher). Look to your left, look to your right – you may be writing a book with that person in a decade or so under a fake name!

We know we claimed to know the true identity of Noah Tall, but we’re as surprised as you are by this revelation. We totally thought it was JT Leroy.

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