6 Examples of How Marketers Are Using Snap Inc.’s Spectacles

Fun take on social video

Snap Inc.'s video-capturing Spectacles are finally here and marketers are already getting their hands on them from vending machines called Snapbots, which started appearing yesterday near the Venice, Calif.,-based company's headquarters.

The $130 devices come loaded with battery power that records 10-second videos—or "memories"—that can then be shared to Snapchat by syncing the glasses up to the app.

"It can elevate the way in which you can put [together] a narrative," Space150's creative director Ned Lampert told Adweek yesterday. "I think action sports are going to be big. From the perspective of an influencer, an athlete or a celebrity, it's going to be really interesting."

Indeed, sports and action already seem to be big for Spectacles. Mountain Dew, for example, used the glasses to film a skateboard ride. And Esquire Network used Spectacles to film a motorcycle jaunt.

At least initially, marketers seem to be playing with footage that flips quickly between horizontal and vertical shots, which could make viewers feel nauseous. It will be interesting to see how the user-generated videos evolve as creators and marketers spend more time with them.

Take a look at how six brands and agencies—including Space150—are already using Spectacles.

1. The New York Stock Exchange

The NYSE has been having a lot of fun on Snapchat recently, and today posted a few snaps taken around the 11 Wall Street building.

2. Esquire Network

The TV network filmed a 90-second video of a motorcycle ride to promote its show Wrench Against the Machine.

3. Mountain Dew

A skateboarder took viewers on a ride, while drinking Mountain Dew, of course.

4. Space150

Once the agency picked up its pair in Venice, it posted a minute-long YouTube video showing how the glasses work.

5. Sour Patch Kids

The candy brand baked a batch of cookies, with copy instructing viewers to flip their phone to get a bigger view.

6. VaynerMedia

The agency created its own version of the "mannequin challenge" using the glasees.

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