Here Come Android App Updates to Deal with Honeycomb Tablets, Dual-core Processors, & Pre-loaded Adobe Flash (?)

I noticed several app updates over the past few days that specifically target new Android devices. These updates address the following:

1. Honeycomb tablet support
1.1. Tablets with hardware acceleration
2. Dual-core processors
3. Adobe Flash when pre-installed

Let’s look at the updates for apps I use that address these situations.

– Google Reader 0.9.3: Addresses an issue where Flash Player is pre-loaded
– Movies Flixster 3.2: Honeycomb tablet support
– Pulse News Reader 1.9.5: Honeycomb tablet support including hardware acceleration. Ability to enable/disable Flash
– Google Gmail 2.3.4: Enable long press to copy text on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) devices
– Google Earth 1.2.2: Fixed various issues for devices with multi-core CPUs

It looks like the obvious fragmentation between Android OS 2.x based phones and OS 3.x based tablets will be greater than the OS itself. Working more a dual-core processor and Adobe Flash seem to be two common issues addressed by these updates.