Here Are Our Favorite Super Bowl Odds and Ends


So…two days left until the most important day of the year for branded promotions. The 6,329 “credentialed journalists” covering the event will make sure to inform you about every last detail of the game and related ads/stunts, but for now we thought we’d share some of our favorite football tidbits, sent to us by our friends in the industry.

First we have a couple of ways to make the game (and the ads) a little more fun.

Our friends at The Halo Group bring you Big Game Bingo, a way for viewers to start a little friendly competition (love the tagline “Play the Bigger Game During the Big Game”). Just grab a beer, a marker and a sense of humor and let fate decide who comes out on top—even your grandparents will love it!

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 3.29.41 PM

Next, blogger and PR/marketing expert extraordinaire Arik Hanson has more on the all-for-fun gambling theme with his list of “21 real-time marketing Super Bowl prop bets“. Our favorite:

“3–Number of “clever” tweets clearly written by advertising firm copywriters: Over/Under: Too many to count”

That might just be the day’s safest bet.

On that note, this morning Victor Pineiro of AdAge tried to warn everyone planning “Oreo moments” to JUST STOP because the chances that their in-the-moment stunts will earn positive media attention—much less convince consumers to buy their products—are close to zero.

Oreo World Record Fail

Something tells us his message won’t get through, though. For those brands bold enough to ignore Mr. Pineiro’s sage advice (aka all of ’em), MWW’s social team gives us a list of 7 real-time marketing rules to remember. Here’s our favorite:

“When it comes to real time and social marketing, Super Bowl XLVIII will have multiple winners and (unfortunately) losers. As you consider your go forward plan, remember not to try too hard.”

Great advice, but what they really mean is “try really hard to look like you’re not trying too hard”, because social media marketing is even more stressful in real-time!

Hungry for nostalgia with your buffalo wings? Our friend Peter Himler talked to longtime New York Times advertising reporter (and friend of the site) Stuart Elliott for some perspective on the history of Super Bowl ads. Here’s Elliott’s favorite, from way back in 2005:

We can’t decide who’s the biggest bear: the bear or Burt Reynolds.

Oh, and for a little local stunt, here’s a Colorado restaurant making the most of the event by literally changing its name from The Seattle Fish Company (a name it had for 91 years) to “Mile High Fish Company.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 3.50.55 PM

As the company’s COO explains, this had nothing to do with marijuana pairing menus and everything to do with the passion of local Broncos fans, who chose the temporary name themselves:

“We turned to our Facebook family to help us show our support for the Broncos. Plus, in addition to both being iconic Colorado institutions, the Broncos and – now – Mile High Fish Company each understand the importance of a great snapper.”

One last nugget: a Richard Sherman/Kermit the Frog mashup via Gawker and some dudes who do comedy on YouTube, just because.

Hope everyone enjoys the game, and may the most shameless self-promoters win. Make Richard Sherman proud!

Oh, and drink responsibly. In other words, do as we say, not as we do.